Dealing with a Government Shutdown & Other Contracting News for January 24th

The weekend’s government shutdown resolved on Monday, and federal employees returned to work. However, more shutdowns are inevitable as a result of intense political divides across the country. In this week’s news round up, we take a look at what federal contractors need to know in light of this week’s shutdown and possible shutdown on February 8th. 

What Do Government Contractors Need to Do During a Shutdown? 

With more government services being delivered by contractors than ever before, companies that are contracted for work with the federal government need to take special care during a shutdown. It’s critical during this time to maintain a positive relationship with your contracting officers and work with them to ensure that your actions during the shutdown meet the requirements of your contract. Click here to see a recommended action plan for federal contractors to follow during a government shutdown. 

 Tips for Using Contract Employees During the Shutdown

While some contract employees qualify as essential personnel, many federal contractors find themselves out of work during a federal shutdown. However, federal contracting firms can use this time for mandatory training or paid time off. Click here to read more about how a government shutdown impacts contractors. 

In Other News:

What are the Goals of the OMB, GSA e-Commerce Portal?

Section 846 of the 2018 Defense Authorization Bill calls for the implementation of an e-commerce marketplace for commercial items. The planning is in the very early stages of development right now, but this initiative could have a big impact on the future of contracting. Read more about the details that were released at the January 9th meeting at the GSA office. 


If you need legal advice for coping with the shutdown as a government contractor or navigating government contract regulations, don’t hesitate to email the team at Randolph Law for assistance.