March 22nd News & Notes for Government Contractors

Department of Defense (DoD) Shrinks $950 Billion Other Transaction Authority (OTA) Deal

The DoD’s original award for streamlined cloud solutions went to REAN but was subject to public scrutiny and a GAO bid protest. As a result, the deal has been scaled back to $65 million and the scope of the project narrowed significantly. Read more about this turn of events here.

Labor Department Maintains Compliance Despite Obama-Era Rollbacks

Although the Trump administration repealed many Obama-era regulations, the Labor Department has continued to enforce compliance, according to Larry Allen of Allen Federal Business Partners. Click here to listen to him discuss this issue with Tom Temin on Federal News Radio.

Progress Continues for GSA and OMB Commercial e-Commerce Portal

The General Services Administration (GSA) and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) have issued a joint implementation plan for the 2018 National Defense Administration Act which requires the development of an e-commerce portal for the procurement of commercial goods. Moving on to Phase 2 of the implementation plan, the GSA and OMB will conduct market research while looking for an initial rollout at the end of FY19. Read more about how the portal is designed to increase opportunities and transparency for federal contractors.


2018 has already been an interesting year for government contractors, with both opportunities and challenges on the horizon. As always, feel free to contact us for legal support as you do business with the federal government.