Government Contracting News for May 4, 2018

The Navy Seeks an Algorithm to Flag Perceived Contracting Threats

After nearly awarding a contract to a company involved in a joint venture with Huawei, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, the Navy is calling for changes that will flag similar security risks that may be lurking with potential contractors. The goal is to find an institutional algorithm that will identify potential threats without placing an administrative burden on the contracting agency or officers. Read more about this issue and potential solutions here.

Defense-Industrial Base Review Coming Mid-May

Top acquisition officials at the Pentagon say that an in-depth review of the American defense-industrial base will be released around May 15th. The unclassified portion of the report will identify materials for which we rely heavily on China, as well as areas of concern involving Russia. The result will include recommendations for increasing domestic capabilities and working with allies to eliminate dependencies on China or Russia. Click here to follow this story.

Government Accountability Office (GAO) Releases New Bid Protest Guide

A May 1st GAO requirement dictates that bid protests be filed via a new Electronic Protest Docketing System (EPDS). In conjunction with this requirement, the GAO has released a new guide detailing the revised bid protest process. the guide illustrates the requirements for filing via EPDS, exceptions to the rule, and the process for receiving protest decisions through the new system. Click here to view the guide and catch up on the EPDS requirements.


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